TEETH-IN-A-DAY is a revolutionary concept providing patients with teeth the same day as the implant is placed. Either individual temporary crowns can be placed on implants, which is especially used for front teeth, or a temporary denture supported by 4 or 6 implants can be placed the same day. This procedure is available for patients with sufficient bone width and height to support the implant. The surface of the implants that Dr. Burger uses has a greater potential to bond to the surrounding bone thereby is able to support the temporary crown or temporary fixed denture.

Patients are able to leave the office that day with functional aesthetic teeth. They do not have to wear a removable appliance that can be cumbersome, frequently falls out unexpectedly or causes discomfort. After four to six months, your restorative dentist will take final impressions for the permanent crown or fixed denture. 

Below is an example of a patient that had a tooth in a day procedure. The upper right central incisor was extracted, an implant placed immediately after the extraction and a temporary crown placed on the implant all on the same day. The patient left the office with a temporary crown that was more esthetic than the original tooth.


      Upper front tooth before extraction       Temporary crown on implant